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This large tapestry loom is designed to be sturdy, yet lightweight (for it's large size) and very flexible. Our hand-crafted, high quality vertical loom is great for tapestries or wall hangings; easy to use sitting or standing.  Enjoy weaving a wide range of projects, using this gigantic tapestry frame loom on a table (only the bottom half is needed), or standing upright on the floor at almost any height.  You can weave numerous pieces at once or make one massive masterpiece; maximum weaving length is 64"!  Adjustable at 3" increments making it possible to easily weave projects from 16" to 64" long. 

Simple to assemble, each Tapestry Loom comes with a set of beams featuring strong plastic teeth (36" maximum weaving width - 5 teeth per inch = 180 teeth per beam piece), and all the tools needed to weave.


-Two Beams

-Four Upright Side pieces

-Two Feet

-Six Beam Positioning Blocks

-Two 39" Pickup Sticks

-One 39" Stick Shuttle

-One 21" Stick Shuttle

-Easy Assembly Instructions with a 'How-to-Weave' link

LOOM: 36 x 64 Beka Grizzly Tapestry Loom

SKU: 3664
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