about bobbie

Since 2011, I've owned At Home Modern, a business that sells vintage art and design, with an emphasis on the mid 20th century.  I've styled homes for private clients, and sourced vintage goods for large retailers.  While I am not selling vintage much these days, I still enjoy taking on interior styling gigs and helping clients liquidate their collections via estate sales and auctions.  

In 2017, I gave birth to my son Milo and needed something meditative, affordable and creative to do.  A long time lover of vintage textiles, I tried my hand a macrame and hated it!  A few months later,  I spied a children's loom at a local craft store, bought it, and an obsession was born!

Currently, I have studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Thomaston, Maine.  Hopefully soon I will be able to return to teaching weaving in person, but for now, zoom will do!

When I'm not at my loom, I love spending time with my husband Matthew, our ever-entertaining son Milo and our gorgeous, but sassy cat Lucha.  Born in Green Bay, WIsconsin, I am a beer lover and Midwest girl through and through.