weaving philosophy

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I've been a modernist for years.  It's exhilerating to bring that aesthetic to such an established artform.  As a "modern tapestry weaver," I take cues from modern and contemporary art, interior design trends and the fast paced world around me; both inside and outside of my home.  I often name pieces after people who've impacted me during the duration of a weaving's creation, an event or words that have impacted me or something that makes me smile.

I work mostly in wool fibers and use cotton warp.  I have several frame looms - some as small as 8 inches wide.  My largest loom is 60 inches wide (and I am currently drooling over one that is 100 inches wide).  Commissions make me happy and are the life's blood of my practice.  Working with clients to select colors, techniques and styles within their budget thrills me!

I'm fortunate that my Philadelphia home has an attached storefront.  During the weekdays, my husband uses it as his interactive design studio.  On nights and weekends, I've hosted weaving workshops, craft nights and get-togethers.  My smaller, in-home studio is perfect for private and duet weaving lessons. We also just bought a home in Thomaston, Maine with a wonderful studio space.  Fingers crossed that I can start hosting workshops there in summer 2021.